Outdoor Challenge

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Obstacle Course - Our sixteen stage military style obstacle will challenge you both mentally and physically.  During the week you will challenge the obstacle course three times, in head to head competition against all the other teams at the camp.  The first time will be as a team, made up of your camp assigned team members.   It will require team work and  physical and mental effort to get your team through the course.  The second time you run the course, it will be run individually and your individual times will be added together for a team time.  At the end of the week you will run the course one more time as a team relay. In this event you will use strategy to divide up the sixteen stations among your team members in a relay race to achieve the best time.  This course is VERY physically challenging.   We have had three National Championship Div. II and NAIA college wrestling teams use our obstacle course as part of their Team Retreat training program and it is a challenge for them so be prepared!

Watch the following videos as members of the 2010 University of Nebraska Omaha, NCAA Div. II National Championship Team run the obstacle course in head to head competition and in a team relay during their 2009 Fall team retreat.

unoind unorelay Head to Head Team Relay