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At the end of each of our camps we have participants, including wrestlers, coaches, parents and clinicians fill out a camp exit survey.  This survey includes twenty three question related to the participants experience in our camp.   Each year we use these to evaluate our efforts and to look for continued ways we can improve our  camp experience.  

We are proud of the feed back we have received  and would like to share some of it on this page:

"My experience as a clinician at the Outdoor Challenge Camps in Nebraska was fantastic!  The wrestlers responded to technique, competitions and challenges with an open mind and fierce intensity.  It can only lead me to believe that the rugged environment, beautiful scenery, great food and good people keep the wrestlers asking for more each day.  I could see campers building "mental toughness" right before my eyes while enjoying every minute of it.  This truly is a unique experience for young men to build wrestling skills, develop intestinal fortitude and have fun while doing it.  The best camp/clinic I have ever been associated with.   Steve Hansen does a great job orchestrating this experience for all ages and truly cares about this great sport.  If you love the outdoors and want to reach your full potential, this camp is for you!"   Brad Vering,  NCAA National Champion and 2X Olympic Team Member

"This camp is the optimal choice for any coach looking to find an opportunity to gain technique, live wrestle, as well as build team unity.  The small group ensures that none of the wrestlers get lost in the pack that can often occur in a large camp setting.  In addition, this camp is designed to make sure that wrestlers are active the entire time.  There is always something to do centered around the growth of an individual wrestler or the team.  There is a personalized touch to every activity in this camp.  My wrestlers were already talking about next year as we traveled the 2 hours back home." Clinton Koedam, Head Wrestling Coach ,Seargent Bluff, Iowa

“Steve Hansen's Outdoor Challenge Camp is by far the most beneficial camp I have ever been to as a wrestler or coach. Not only did we learn superior technique from top notch clinicians, we had the experience of a lifetime. It was a camp that myself and my wrestlers will NEVER forget.”  Kevin Emily, Head Wrestling Coach, White Knoll HS, Lexington, SC

“Both my son's have attended the Outdoor Challenge wrestling camps.  Nolan has attended 2 years  and always comes home looking forward to going back the next year. Nolan was the South Dakota Class B 103 champion this year with a record of 45 -1. Steve really works the kids hard but they also get to play hard.  The clinicians are top notch and he has been able to incorporate what he has learned into his wrestling style.  My younger son Logan attended last years youth camp and is looking forward to being able to attend the same camp as his brother this year.” Jason Richie, Webster, SD

“Awesome camp!  Multiple activities that stress team building, competitiveness, physical conditioning, and fun.  Smaller camper #'s that promote more one on one coaching than other camps.  Great clinicians, great unique environment, great food (and lots of it), great camp.  The kids are always anxious to return the next year.  A lot of bang for your buck.” Tony Allington, Raymond Central,  NE

“I can tell you that we deemed your camp to be an utmost success! Of the 27 kids that attended, we had 0 quit.. and many that attended were first time wrestlers last year in middle school. You can tell these boys have a new comfort level with each other. My son attended (he was younger than most of our group) & when he sees these other boys at meets & so forth, it is not just a wave & a 'hi', they are all over each other; friendly nudges & goofing off, knuckle bumps. As a club president, I feel very strongly about supporting & creating team building opportunities. It makes them not only a team, but a family & that is such a positive thing for a kid to have. Your camp was definitely a wonderful thing for our wrestlers.. Sam (my son) has asked several times since returning when he gets to go back! “ Susie Stroup, Watertown Wrestling Club, Watertown, SD

“Our family was urged to try out the Outdoor Challenge Camp last year by a past camper. He had wonderful things to say about his camping experience and our son William wanted to try it out. I now have a repeat camper on my hands. Our son was challenged to his max,  rewarded for his efforts and had a magnificent time in the process. He was very pleased about the variety Outdoor Challenge Camp provides it’s wrestlers. The camp was very challenging  physically, yet they mixed the wrestling with other activities. He really enjoyed the physical and wrestling opportunities the camp provided. He especially enjoyed the variety of outdoor activities such as water Nerf football, and tubing down the Niobrara River (which the camp is located on). William couldn’t stop talking about the obstacle course, and the one-on–one wrestling instruction. Our son has been to several wrestling camps and Outdoor Challenge Camp is his favorite. In fact he will be bringing his younger brother  to the camp this year. Steve Hansen runs a top notch camp. We have been in contact with Steve over the last two years and he his very helpful with any questions or concerns you have about the camp.  We highly recommend this camp to any family.” Paul, Kristy, and William Jarrott, Aberdeen, SD

"The Outdoor Challenge Camps are a unique experience. Steve always has great clinicians and a low athlete to coach ratio. The food is great. What sets it apart are the team building and other competitive activities. All our kids that have attended think it is great."  Dale Bonge, Head Wrestling Coach,  Boone Central, Albion, NE

“ I have been going to the Outdoor Challenge Camps for coming up on 5 years now. I am one of the only people who has been able to attend both as a camper and also work as a counselor. There is a reason I keep coming back. Steve has put together, in my mind, the best camp in the nation. I have been going to wrestling camps since I can remember and this camp has it all. This camp offers outstanding technique. The clinicians that the Outdoor Challenge Camps bring in are some of the best in the nation. If you are a coach, I highly recommend you bring your whole team,.  You  will all benefit with all the team building activities and time your team has to bond together. You and all of your wrestlers will never forget their experience. What really puts this camp over the top is all the”cross training”  activities you get to partake in. The obstacle course, river football, paintball, and canoeing the Niobrara are a few of the activities this camp offers that are unmatched by any camp I have ever seen. But, my favorite part of the camp is the food. Each meal is homemade by Steve's wife Debbie. Every year I hear everyone talk about how good the food is. For everything that this camp offers, it is by far the best for the money. If you attend any one of these Outdoor Challenge Camps you are for sure to have a very unique, beneficial, and fun experience. A great way to enhance your wrestling skills, in a fun environment.” Drew Etherton, UNL Wrestler

I had the opportunity to attend the Outdoor Challenge Camp twice in one summer. Before that summer I was a very frustrated new wrestler. I starter wrestling later than most…in the 7th grade. I lost every match but one that season. I knew that to compete I needed some extra training and a good way to get/stay in shape over the summer.  

I decided to spend a summer at camps in order to push myself to a competitive level. I attended three camps, including a JRob 10 day intensive camp and two Challenge Camps.  After having attended a camp as widely renowned as the JRob Intensive Camp, I prided myself on being able to be pushed to my limits, but never past them. It wasn’t until I attended your camps in Valentine, NE that I surpassed my breaking point and actually worked so hard that I got sick after a workout.What stood out to me the most, though, was that I was so caught up in the competition of the obstacle course that I didn’t even realize how hard I was pushing myself. I earned the “Tough Man” award and was on the winning camp team. I learned to excel personally and as a team member. I had the time of my life!

After two Challenge Camps, I was quicker and stronger on the mat. I went on to win both conference and regional titles. My coach immediately saw a difference in my confidence and my performance.  I received the “Most Improved” award and the “Hardest Working” awards. I also earned both 7th place and 3rd place finishes the following two years at the South Dakota state tournament.  Following my 3rd place finish at the state tournament in 2011, I was offered a spot on the Augustana Wrestling roster. I am now a proud Augustana Viking wrestler. I could never have imagined any of this after my very first wrestling season of many, many losses. I consider my story a lesson in life. Never, EVER give up on your dreams.  Thank you for your part in my achievements! Alex Burghardt, Augie Wrestler