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Superduck/Crabride/Granby Style
 School of Wrestling


Jeff Rutledge
July 14 - 19

Lincoln  East Co-Head Coach

NE State Champion

4X State Medalists

HS 134-16 record 80 falls

3X NCAA All-American

4X NCAA Academic All-American

115 career college wins

Outstanding Wrestler - UNO Kaufman / Brand Open 2005

UNK National Team Champions 2008

Physical Education Major of the Year 2008


Camp Focus: What a great camp combination! Our Superduck/Crab Ride/Granby Training Camp will be an exciting camp. It will feature Jeff Rutledge, the "Master of the Superduck", one of the most deceptive "misdirection" takedowns in wrestling. It will also feature dominant riding and pnning combinations from the   top position  including; the "Crab Ride", popularized by Cael Sanderson, the high half  series and a high scoring tilt series.

 His Lincoln East high school team won the 2018 Class A Nebraska Championship and along the way set records for the most pins, most near falls and were nationally ranked. The camp will focus on the same high-percentage scoring techniques they have used to become so successful.  The camp will use a systematic approach for teaching and learning effectively a series of  techniques to score on your opponent from any position. We will work on breaking wrestling moves down and drilling them both in part and in whole. You will also learn the “Twister”, one of the most exciting and unstoppable pinning combinations in wrestling today. All of the techniques taught will be related and will be drilled in a manner that the wrestlers will actually be able to perform all of the techniques by the end of the camp. Techniques and drills taught will include take-downs, bottom moves, top moves and pinning combinations.

Typical Daily Schedule: (Activities will vary from day to day around wrestling technique, group activities and team competitions)

6:45 AM - Wake-up Run and workout log

7:30 AM - Breakfast

9:00 to 11:30 PM - Wrestling Technique

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM - Lunch

1:30  to 4:30 PM - Wrestling Technique and / or Group Activities

5:00 to 6:00 PM - Dinner

6:30 to 8:30 PM - Technique Review, Live Wrestling, Group Activities

9:00 to 10:30 PM - Events, Recreation, Group Discussions

11:00 PM - Lights Out

Training Camp: - July 14 - 19  Age: 6th - 12th grade (Exceptions with petition)

Arrival: Sunday July 8  2:00 two 4:00 PM Registration

Departure: Friday, July 13 , 1:00 PM

Cost: Campers $ 435 Coaches $ 275, Coaches bringing 8  wrestlers attend free,  * * Team discount = teams bringing eight or more wrestlers receive a $ 10/wrestler discount..

Watch the following Superduck Highlight video of Jeff Rutledge in collegiate action demonstrating  the effectiveness of the Superduck takedown.  These matches were all against NCAA Div.l and ll opponents including  matches at the NCAA National Tournament and the Las Vegas Invitational.


Watch  These Other Videos of Techniques That Coach Rutledge Will be Teaching at Camp!!

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Outside Step swim High C

Swim Hi C

Bottom Leg Finish to Single Leg

Rock Step Elbow Pass

Watch the following highlight video  of  wrestlers at last years Granby/Supercuck Camp demonstrating the Superduck on the last day of camp!